Ready for download!

This is here for posterity's sake. Go learn about the new version instead!

Touchpad enables you to use your iPhone (or iPod Touch) as a wireless touchpad. You can control the mouse on your PC using just your iPhone. You can move the mouse around, click, double-click, and even drag (double click but keep it pressed and then move around). Vertical scrolling is even possible, by click-and-dragging on the right edge of the iPhone screen.

You can use it to control videos, show pictures, advance slides in a presentations -- whatever a regular touchpad can do.

[YouTube link]

Installation instructions:

  1. You need a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch with on it. Here are some great instructions on how to do this.
  2. Start, and go to Sources. Click "Edit", and then Add this repository:
  3. After the refresh, install Touchpad from the Utilities category.
  4. Install VNC on the machine you want to control. I recommend TightVNC for Windows and Linux. Mac users should follow these detailed instructions (thanks, Archetype!).
If you're stuck, read the comments posted below, or alternatively, search the web.

Touchpad is based on VNsea by Chris Reed and Glenn Kriesel. Please check out that app too. I've already sent my code changes to them to get Touchpad integrated into the VNsea source base.