Touchpad Pro with Media Controls!

Touchpad Media Server is now ready for download!

You asked for media controls -- and you now have them! Using Touchpad Media Server on the PC, you can now control iTunes and other media players using Touchpad Pro. Afraid to jailbreak your iPhone? Touchpad Media Server also works with reduced functionality as a web-app! Learn more about Touchpad Media Server here.

A very special thanks to David van Ballegooijen [david at] for all the graphic design in this release. David's graphics add a much-needed professional touch to the app. Check out his awesome site at Thanks also to Ross Waycaster [rosswaycaster at] for the new SpringBoard (and blog) icon.

New features in Touchpad Pro v3.0:
  • Touchpad Media Server (with web-based access)
  • See what's playing on your iTunes
  • Better Mac compatibility (less connection errors, support for universal zoom)
  • Mac mode setting per connection
  • Redesigned graphics
  • Scrollable remote control with many pages
  • Function keypad
  • Numeric keypad
Installation instructions:
  1. You need a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch with on it. Here are some great instructions on how to do this.

  2. Start Installer and click on the Install button. Go to Utilities. Touchpad Pro should already be there.

    • If it isn't, go to Sources, and then add Community Sources. Touchpad Pro should definitely be there now.

  3. Follow these instructions on how to set up the computer you want to control.
Here's some history (and source code).

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