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Touchpad Media Server lets you control any media player on Windows using Touchpad Pro.
Watch the video!

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Supported media players include:

  • iTunes
  • Winamp
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Center Edition
  • Vista Media Center
  • Media Player Classic
  • Any media player that accepts media keys (almost all media players!)
Here's a screenshot -- notice how new buttons are revealed on the remote when you connect to Touchpad Media Server. You can scroll to the right by dragging the scroll bar:

Using Touchpad Media Server, you can do the following with any media player:
  • Play / Pause / Stop the current song
  • Move to the next or previous track
  • Change the volume
You can also use a mobile web browser, such as Safari on the iPhone or iPod Touch, or Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile devices, to access all the above features and more! Read on about Touchpad Media Server's web access features.

If you control iTunes or Winamp, in addition you'll be able to:
  • Forward / Rewind
  • Current track information
  • Drag the track position slider to seek within the track
  • Drag the volume slider to set volume instantly
These features are not available using the web interface at this time.