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The good news is that there is a way of getting the same functionality offered by Touchpad Pro (and more) on the App Store. The application is called Jaadu, and the company name is Jugaari. The functionality actually exceeds that of Touchpad Pro, with features such as automatic server discovery, and screen-view zoom, although the application is completely unrelated to the Touchpad Pro code base.

The bad news is that developers cannot offer discounts on the App Store. This means that even if you bought Touchpad Pro, you will still have to pay the full price for Jaadu.

This is a decision that's out of our hands, and as much as we'd like to make your transition to iPhone 2.0 / iPhone 3G a smooth and free one, there is nothing we can do.

However, we will be porting Touchpad Pro over to the 2.0 jailbreak at some point in the future -- we just don't have a confirmed timeframe for exactly when that will happen. Once it does, your existing activation will work on your new firmware (or the activation can be transferred if you have a different phone).

In the meantime, what we can offer you is a refund if you had bought Touchpad Pro in the last 30 days. Please send in your Touchpad Pro receipt (which contains your serial and transaction ID) requesting a refund and we will honor all requests provided you bought the application since the last 30 days.

As an extra gesture, until September 1, 2008, we will honor all refund requests for purchases made any time after July 1, 2008.