About Me

Thanks for using Touchpad Pro. I thought of the application after using VNsea, which was great, but lacked the functionality I wanted. I had no idea how to write an app for the iPhone, and so I started by reading through a couple of websites (such as iphonegameover.com and ericasadun.com), which I highly recommend if you're interested in learning the ropes. I then started tinkering with the VNsea code, and figured out how to change it to work as a touchpad. I then made a youtube video and put up a webpage for the app on my university website.

I was really amazed with the response! Within 5 days, there were around 100,000 hits to the site, and around 200,000 video views. Even after 10 days, and there are around 4,000 daily page views :) It was great to read your comments complimenting the application, as well as the constructive feedback on what you wanted to see in the next release. I apologize if I haven't been able to reply to all the emails I've been getting -- please read the comments on the main page if you're stuck, many people have posted problems and solutions.

I listened to the feedback carefully, and put in all of the major features that you requested. I hope you enjoy Touchpad Pro -- it's the result of many long hours worth of coding and so I'd love to hear whether you like the app, and what uses you've found for it. It's free to download and use, and if you find it useful, I would really appreciate it if you donate. I've received a grand total of 3 donations even with 100,000+ page views -- so it's clear that I didn't work on this current release (Touchpad Pro) for the money -- but it would still be nice to know if you liked it well enough to want to vote with your wallet. To the guys who donated so far, thanks a lot, I honestly appreciate it :) I used part of that money to register the touchpadpro.com domain so that it's easier for people to visit the site and to send it on to others.

In my day job, I'm a final-year PhD student in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. If you're interested in potentially offering me a job, contact me -- I'm graduating in August, and am definitely on the job market.

I'm from Pakistan, and in fact I currently AM in Pakistan working on my thesis research, which focuses on speech interfaces for low literate community health workers in developing countries.

Touchpad Pro is free and open source software (GPL v3), and is based on VNsea. The source code for Touchpad Pro is available here.