Now that you've got Touchpad Pro up and running, you need to connect to a Server. This is a program running on your PC/Mac that'll allow you to control it. Once you've set up your PC/Mac, you'll have to add the server's name, address and vnc password to Touchpad Pro to connect.

  1. Installing VNC Server
    • If you're running Windows:
      1. Download TightVNC and install it.
      2. If there's no icon with a V on the bottom right corner of the screen, find TightVNC in your Start Menu > Programs folder, and click on Launch VNC Server.
      3. Set the password to something you'll remember.
      4. Hover your mouse over the V icon on the bottom right corner of the screen, and write down the IP address that comes up.
    • If you're on a Mac:
      1. You already have VNC installed, but it's called Screen Sharing or Apple Remote Desktop. Go to System Preferences, and then Sharing.
      2. Turn on Screen Sharing (or "Apple Remote Desktop" on older Macs); you'll be given a host name or an IP address, write this down.
      3. Turn on VNC viewer controls in the Settings box, and give it a password you'll remember.
  2. Setting it up on Touchpad Pro
    1. Click on the + icon at the top right corner of the screen
    2. Enter anything for the name, e.g., homepc
    3. Enter the IP address or host name you wrote down earlier. This can either be four numbers with dots, e.g.,, or one or more words, e.g., yourhost.lan
    4. Enter the password you were supposed to remember
    5. Click Save
  3. Connect by clicking on the name you entered (e.g., homepc). If all goes well, you should now be connected to your PC/Mac, and you can now learn how to use Touchpad Pro.
If you have any problems, check out the troubleshooting guide. You might also want to check out Lee Bialecki's blog entry on Touchpad Pro.


p.s. Special thanks to Archetype for the Mac instructions that I liberally borrowed from!