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  1. If you're running Apple Remote Desktop, and ScreenView is not working even after activation, you will need to follow these instructions to install Vine Server instead.

  2. If you're having trouble with Screen Sharing, you should also try installing Vine Server.

  3. If you've got Vine Server running, but are still having problems, you might be connecting to the wrong port. In the Vine Server window, there should be a Port number displayed. If that port number is anything other than 5900, you need to enter this number in Touchpad Pro's server settings. If your port is set to (for instance) 5901, and your server's hostname is homemac, in Touchpad Pro's server settings, your address field should be homemac:5901 -- or if you've entered an IP address in the address field such as, you would need to make it

  4. If your password doesn't seem to work, and you get a warning saying too many security failures, you have more than one VNC server running and you are connecting to the wrong one. Make sure you have turned off Screen Sharing, Apple Remote Desktop, and Remote Management. Also make sure that in Vine Server, only one server is running (either the server or the system server, but not both). Finally, make sure that the one server you are running has its port set to 5900. If it's not, go back to step 3.

  5. Go to System Preferences > Security and then click Firewall. Try setting it to "Allow all incoming connections" temporarily to see if this might be causing the problem. If it is, you need to make your firewall allow your VNC server to get incoming connections.

If you've paid for ScreenView activation, you can get support if you've tried each of these steps and you're still stuck. To do so, please reply to the email you received on activation, as it includes your serial and transaction ID. Describe your connection problem in detail in that email.

Unforunately, it is not possible to offer tech support to non-paying users.