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Can I get Touchpad Pro from the App Store?

To get similar functionality to Touchpad Pro on the App Store, please look at Jaadu VNC by Jugaari.

Can I get Touchpad Pro for the 2.0 jailbreak (e.g. Cydia / Installer)?

Not at this time. Furthermore, we have no confirmed timeframe for when this will be possible.

What is your policy for refunds on ScreenView Activation?

If you ask for a refund within 30 days of buying ScreenView, you will get a refund without any questions asked.

I'm having trouble connecting. What should I do?

Follow the instructions troubleshooting guides for Windows and Mac. If you're still stuck, post a detailed description of what the issue is along with a contact email.

Can I transfer an activation from one iPhone to another?

Yes you can. Email us your Transaction ID, your old serial and your new serial.

Can I stream movies / music to Touchpad Pro using ScreenView?

ScreenView is optimized for desktop access, and not for video streaming. Audio streaming is also not supported at this time.

Can I use ScreenView to connect to multiple computers with one activation?

Yes. While an activation only enables ScreenView for one iPhone or iPod Touch, it can then be used to connect to any number of computers.

What is the Limit Mac CPU option for?

This option is designed for use with Leopard's Screen Sharing. When connecting to a Mac running Screen Sharing using MacMode, keep this option enabled for optimal performance. Screen Sharing has a few different requirements than a regular VNC server, and this option ensures that those requirements are met. [One difference is that screen refresh requests are continually sent to the server even when with ScreenView switched off, to ensure that your Mac's CPU load remains low. The next difference is that when ScreenView is turned on, instead of an 8-bit pixel depth, it's set to 16-bit, as that is what Screen Sharing requires.]

Can I use Touchpad Pro with my laptop without a wireless router? Also, can I use Touchpad Pro's ScreenView to connect to my home computer from work? From my friend's place? From a different city or country?

Yes you can! Here's how to set this up.

When using ScreenView, what's the difference between On and Hi-Def?

Setting ScreenView On makes it connect at the highest speed possible, with the lowest picture quality. Hi-Def mode boosts the color quality, but at the cost of a slower connection. Depending on your need, you can choose between either one -- or make two server entries so that you can have both options available whenever you need them.

I sometimes see multiple cursors in ScreenView which aren't there on my desktop. Why is this?

You can also notice these ghost cursors in the videos. The reason they appear is simple. To give you the fastest response time when you move the mouse in Touchpad Pro, no screen refresh requests are made while you're moving the mouse. Screen refreshes take a lot of wireless bandwidth (and battery), and if these refreshes were happening while your mouse was moving, the cursor on your computer screen might not move as smoothly as you're used to with Touchpad Pro. When you stop moving the cursor, the screen immediately updates, showing you where the mouse actually is. So the 'ghost' cursor is just where your mouse was when you started moving -- and it's not a bug, it's a feature.

This is open source software -- how can you charge for it?

Selling open source software is encouraged. By 'free', it means that it has freedom, not that it's without charge. All the source code for Touchpad Pro is available for download and can be changed and redistributed by anyone as long as they also distribute the source code. Also, most of the functionality of Touchpad Pro is available for free -- only a few features are locked. If you don't want to pay for it -- continue using the free version as much as you'd like.

I don't have a credit card / I don't have a PayPal account / I'm thirteen and I can't buy anything. I still want the stuff that costs money. What are my options?

Find a friend or relative, and ask them nicely if they'll make the payment on your behalf. Mow your neighbor's lawn in exchange for it. If you're really motivated, you can find a legal way to do it. Do not hack someone else's PayPal account to make a payment! This is really unacceptable (and it's happened once).

Who made the awesome graphics for Touchpad Pro?

All the credit for the graphic design work goes to David van Ballegooijen. If you're looking for a web/graphic designer, look no further! Check out his awesome web site. Thanks also to Ross Waycaster for the new Touchpad Pro icon.

This is open source software -- so where's the source?

Glad you asked! Yes, this is open source software, and it's built on another open source project called VNsea by Chris Reed and Glenn Kreisel. Here's the source for Touchpad Pro.

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