Touchpad Pro > Setup > Windows

  1. Installing VNC

    • To connect Touchpad Pro v4 with a Windows machine, you first need to have VNC installed. If you've never heard of VNC, follow these steps. Even if you have VNC installed, I highly recommend uninstalling your current version, and following these steps, as older versions of VNC have some problems (e.g. dual monitor support is missing from earlier versions).

    1. Go to the TightVNC download page. Donate to them if you can -- they're doing great work. Then download the latest version, as shown here:

    2. Run the installer, clicking through all the steps. Be sure to choose the following options when installing (Vista users: uncheck all the checkboxes):

    3. XP users: once TightVNC is installed, it will automatically launch and you should have a TightVNC icon at the bottom left corner of your Windows screen. Vista users: you need to manually start the "Launch TightVNC Server" icon from Start Menu > Programs > TightVNC.

    4. Hover your mouse over that icon and write down the IP address that comes up (four numbers separated by dots):

    5. (Optional) Install Touchpad Media Server.

  2. Setting up Touchpad Pro

    • On the VNC servers page, click the + icon:

    • Then follow these instructions:

    • Click the Save button.

  3. The session name (e.g. mediapc) will now be added to the list of VNC servers. Tap it to connect.
If you are unable to connect, you might need to configure your firewall, or your iPhone might be on a different network than your computer. Read through the Windows Troubleshooting Guide for more help.

If you successfully connect, you're good to go! You can now try ScreenView to see your computer's screen on Touchpad Pro. Also, learn the controls to use Touchpad Pro to its full potential.