Touchpad Pro > Setup > Mac

  1. Setting up your Mac

    • Go to System Preferences, and then Sharing:

    • Enable Screen Sharing (it's called Apple Remote Desktop on older Macs).

    • You'll be shown a host name to connect to (e.g., homemac.lan, or

    • Click on the Options button, and enable the VNC password, and type in a password

    • Click OK, and then click Show All to return to the System Preferences page. From here, click on Universal Access

    • Enable Zoom, and then click on the Zoom Options button

    • Enter the setting shown below

    • Click OK -- you've now set up your Mac.

  2. Setting up Touchpad Pro

    • On the VNC servers page, click the + icon:

    • Then follow these instructions:

    • Click the Save button.

  3. The session name (e.g. homemac) will now be added to the list of VNC servers. Tap it to connect.
It is strongly recommended that you replace Screen Sharing / Apple Remote Desktop with Vine Server. Vine Server is faster, has better support for ScreenView, and uses less power on your Mac and on your iPhone / iPod Touch.

If you have any problems, read the Mac Troubleshooting Guide.

If you successfully connect, you're good to go! You can now try ScreenView to see your computer's screen on Touchpad Pro. Also, learn the controls to use Touchpad Pro to its full potential.